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The All Electric Racing Team

Drag Racing!!!
NEDRA Record Holders for the
Street class 1/8 mile 72 and 96 volt
and Street class 1/4 mile 72 volt!

Look Ma, a burnout!


Our first test session with the new bikes went well.

The track was very supportive of this different and new
technology. The local folks and track personnel that
stopped by were all enjoying the idea of Electric motorcycles.
I had a training session with the track tech inspector (one
of the better Tech people we have ever met) and gave him
a copy of the NEDRA/NHRA rules for EV drag racing.

The speeds were a bit slow, but the
fun meter was off the charts!

The gearing was WAY off. We need to adjust the front gear.
That should pick up things (and maybe the front end?).

I just need to stop getting red lights.
My last pass was a .03 light green though.

A Safety Tec inspected Electric drag bike!

Here is Tammy getting ready for her first run on the bike.

She only got to do one run before the rains came.

Tammy has already found the dates for the next
Test & Tune so I guess we will be back to the track soon.

Once we get all of the gearing sorted out, we will
start racing each other, and maybe a bracket race too!

Test Day #2

We did get to do something no one has ever done.

Well we think. A husband and wife team racing
each other in NHRA legal Electric Drag bikes????

Waiting on our turn!

Staged and ready to go!

Ready ....Go!

Man that was FUN! Too bad Ed was
a little too quick with a .006 RED light!

A fun day of testing and getting a little faster.
Many thanks to Shane Emmons for this weekends photos.

Rockingham 2009!
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The required disclaimer: This information is about what we learned on our project and is not intended to do anything but show you how we did ours. LEARN all you can before starting any project with this much voltage.  A 9 volt battery, applied correctly, can kill you. Think about what 6 - 12 volt car batteries can do if not wired correctly .

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