Juiced 2

The All Electric Racing Team

Road Racing!!!
We are now members of the
Historic Moto Gran prix!


Our first weekend with this top class group of road racers
turned out to be one of most fun events we have been too.

    Historic Moto Gran Prix (HMGP) is a collector organization led by former AMA Pro racer Bill Brown.

"It is designed as an alternate venue for acknowledged classics like Manx Nortons and air-cooled
TD Yamahas, and is also looking to draw more recent "classic" racers including the likes of the
legendary two-strokes of the 1970s and the AMA four-stroke superbikes of the 1980s and 1990s. 
Privateer and replica racer models are highly encouraged to attend.  HMGP is the perfect place to
share motorsports history with other enthusiasts and display the bikes in the proper setting;
at speed on the race track.  This is world-class gentleman's racing

The 2012 Savannah Speed Classic is the kick off
event for the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance.

Their world class riders took us in like family.

The event had a packed house of old race cars and motorcycles.

Questions, questions, questions.

Our ride, for some reason, got its fair share of attention.

Another great shot!

cafe racer

A lap around the Savannah road course.

I even passed a few people...


Racing in 2013?


We have plenty of changes for the motorcycle!

We will be at the following events:

April 25 - 28 The Mitty - Road Atlanta
September 19 - 22 Atlanta Historic Races - Road Atlanta
October 24 - 27 Savannah Speed Classic -
Hutchinson Island Grand Prize America Course

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The "Motion and Energy" company

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The required disclaimer: This information is about what we learned on our project and is not intended to do anything but show you how we did ours. LEARN all you can before starting any project with this much voltage.  A 9 volt battery, applied correctly, can kill you. Think about what 6 - 12 volt car batteries can do if not wired correctly .

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