The Electric Motorcycle
Everything you wanted to know about building an EV Motorcycle

Step 1: The budget

We knew we could sell our old bike for at least $2800 so that was the limit. Your budget is up to you. After buying all the parts and selling a good amount of the parts from the donor bike we met that amount. We had a little extra so getting a few goodies was in order. Some of the original bike parts still were a bit heavy (heavy is a relative term, every ounce counts) and a few items we wanted strictly to dress up the project.


The Specs for our project are:

72 Volt System
72 volt 300 AMP Alltrax Controller
Magura twist grip throttle

Step Two

The required disclaimer: This information is about what we learned on our project and is not intended to do anything but show you how we did ours. LEARN all you can before starting any project with this much voltage.  A 9 volt battery, applied correctly, can kill you. Think about what 6 - 12 volt car batteries can do if not wired correctly.

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