The Electric Motorcycle
Everything you wanted to know about building an EV Motorcycle

Step 2: Tools and Knowledge

An understanding of electricity and electronics is a must.
You will need a welder or friend who can really weld, not just stick two pieces together. Motor mounts and battery holders will need to be made. Good wire crimpers are also a must.

I “shrink wrap” most of the connections just to keep arcing and
sparking down if a wire wiggles loose from a connector.
Soldering theses connections is even better.

You can throw one of these Bikes together or take your time and make it a ride that will last a long time. The cost between the two is not much more. 

Step 3

The required disclaimer: This information is about what we learned on our project and is not intended to do anything but show you how we did ours. LEARN all you can before starting any project with this much voltage.  A 9 volt battery, applied correctly, can kill you. Think about what 6 - 12 volt car batteries can do if not wired correctly.

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