Juiced 2

The All Electric Racing Team

The "Juice Cafe" Racer
From start to Ton up!

It started life as a 1978 Honda CB750 with a few missing parts.
I wanted a Cafe Racer like the many Triumph's I have had
throughout the years. This one was going to be built as a
single seat, fun to ride, something different EV motorcycle.

First step: Get the bike home and sell the unused parts.
It came without a seat, (not needed as it will be
changed anyway) but the rest was usable.

The $250 ride.

The first part is removed!

One ICE motor and a box of parts ready for the new owner.

A " Naked" Bike! For those keeping score
the bare frame and old wheels weigh 170 Lbs.

It still has all of the brackets and supports.

Some of you may notice the frame design is similar to the
first Gold Wing, one of Honda's major achievements.

The tank is huge and once gutted out will
cover a good amount of the electronics.

Day Two!

One thing about getting an older motorcycle is the
technology is well ....Old.... and it is advised that every inch
of the frame and such is gone through thoroughly.

Grease? We don't need not stinking grease?

The Post office boxes are the same size as the
LifePo4 batteryboxes that will be used in the project.

One of the reasons to use this frame is the extra battery
space over the present "Orange Juiced" motorcycle.

Look Ma! They fit!

4 boxes and even some leg room!

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The required disclaimer: This information is about what we learned on our project and is not intended to do anything but show you how we did ours. LEARN all you can before starting any project with this much voltage.  A 9 volt battery, applied correctly, can kill you. Think about what 6 - 12 volt car batteries can do if not wired correctly .

If you feel that this page helped you save time,
effort and hopefully money, please let us know.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!