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From start to Ton up!

We now have 60 days (April 30th 2011) to complete the project.

Due to a title issue with the 1978 frame we now have 1979 CB750
that gives us more room for batteries, disc brakes
and aluminum racing rims. Airtech Streamlining gave us a great
deal on the correct fiberglass and Motenergy gave us a
new motor to go really fast with!

Great companies to work with!!!

Here is what it should look like (except the ICE stuff
and wire wheels) when we get finished.


Now, back to the project.......

We have all the parts and have already welded the motor mount
and battery rack. We will be using Headway batteries,
Altrax 450 AMP controller, a Mars ( Now Motenergy.com)
ME1003 Motor and Airtech Period correct fiberglass parts.

We are building it in the "Solar Shed". A detached garage
in the back that has 6 - 200 watt solar panels that powers
some of the house and charges all of the electric toys.
This is our 4th conversion of a full size Motorcycle.

If you ever wondered ( I did) what all the parts for one of our builds
looks like before we start the assembly process.....there it is!


2/28/11 Today's Work.

Mount motor, chain, rear and front sprockets.
Locate contactor and Controller mount.
Attempt to replace ugly front master brake only to find
new brake line bolt needs fine threads, not coarse threads,
of which I have a box of only coarse thread. :(
Will pick up the correct one tomorrow.

59 days and counting.


3/1/11 Tonight:
Final assembly for the racing brakes.

I had an old left hand master brake and ran it to the back
brake since I do not like running a foot brake.
This saves me several pounds in weight and also lets me
put the foot pegs anywhere I need to for comfort.
It works equally well if you have a drum brake as you can
use the old clutch handle. It does not take long at all to
master it as it is the rear brake.

I added a new racing brake to the right side.
This unit takes a special fine thread "flow bolt' .
$8 later and we are in business.

58 days and counting!

The standard street brake and the much lighter racing brake.



Got Controller and Contactor mounted.
Started measuring for fiberglass placement
and marking tabs for trimming.

57 Days and counting.



Tonight we "flipped" the clip on handlebars so we had better
clearance in not hitting the tank during hard turns.
We mounted the hand grips, trimmed off over a pound
of excess metal and tabs. I sat on the bike to see if everything
so far felt good....it felt great! We also trimmed the rear tire
splash guard only to find out we needed to add something else so
the motor does not get rocks in it, but still gets good cooling air.


56 Days and counting.


3/4/2011 Update: Time to start the wiring.

We started to do the "first run" of the
wiring. This means I use leftover sections of cable to get it
running before making the correct size and length cables.
This makes it easier to fix an issue before making up new
cut to the exact length power cables. The smaller wires
(lights, throttle, etc.) are all run with new material.

We cut off about a pound of tabs and excess material.
Also a final alignment of the rear wheel in relation
to the motor was completed. Looks straight to me!

The shock is new in design and function, but looks old school.

55 days and counting!


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The required disclaimer: This information is about what we learned on our project and is not intended to do anything but show you how we did ours. LEARN all you can before starting any project with this much voltage.  A 9 volt battery, applied correctly, can kill you. Think about what 6 - 12 volt car batteries can do if not wired correctly .

If you feel that this page helped you save time,
effort and hopefully money, please let us know.
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